#12) A Cord Running Across The Hallway
The Idea: String a very tight piece of rope, wire or cord across a hallway. Place it a little above knee height for an adult and leave it there.

Best Case Scenario: In full pursuit with all focus straight ahead, the burglar will run the front of his leg directly into the cord, face planting into the ground without the time or wherewithal to put his hand up. This will immediately break his momentum and delay him at least fifteen seconds while he attempts to get up. In a perfect world, it will also cause concussion-like symptoms that make him feel vaguely disoriented, or as if his facial crowbar has been rung.

Worst Case Scenario: The home intruder will notice the cord while doing whatever it is he’s doing and simply jump or high step over it, delaying him less than half a second and giving him the knowledge needed to avoid the booby trap in the future.

Analysis: Like the Micro Machines, this is a thirty second deal. There’s a very good chance it won’t work, but there’s no harm in attempting, at least provided you’re smart enough to intuitively remember where you set the wire up.

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