In case you didn't know it, through some feat of cryogenics or selective retention, Saw is celebrating it's tenth anniversary this year. With the original 2004 film returning to theaters tonight, and that hilarious Honest Trailer still fresh in our minds, we got to thinking about just how well the series held up in its seven film run. Which means it's our chance to turn the tables on Jigsaw and judge his works based on our own form of bias and vengeance. Seven movies, ten years, and only one column to judge it? Oh yes, there will be blood.

Let's start with the worst Saw film ever, working our way through the traps and into the light of the film that most dazzled us. If the producers of the Saw franchise are seriously planning a new film to continue/jump start the franchise, we sincerely hope they'll take the following evaluation as seriously as Jigsaw takes his reverse bear traps.

Saw: The Final Chapter
Positioned at the beginning of the 3D boom, Saw 3D (aka Saw: The Final Chapter) boasted a lot of in-your-face effects, but other than that the film is a strictly two dimensional affair. The producers knew it was their final go, so they compiled the stories for this and Saw VIII together into one forgettable narrative. It's also a total waste of bringing back Cary Elwes as Dr. Gordon, so that right there sends this film straight to Hell. Sure, the series was heading towards a logical fizzling out point, but that's no excuse to smash two films into one script and then throw us a pair of 3D spectacles, expecting us to eat it up.

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