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Exclusive The Guilt Trip Blu-ray Bonus Clip Takes A Look At Green Screen Magic

A mother and son story offering both poignant and comedic moments is not particularly outside director Anne Fletcher’s box. However, offering some off-color moments from both Seth Rogen and veteran actress Barbra Streisand is a welcome change of pace for the 27 Dresses director. Fletcher’s newest film, The Guilt Trip, is hitting Blu-ray and DVD tomorrow, and to celebrate, we have an exclusive Blu-ray bonus feature to share with fans.

The Guilt Trip’s screenplay was written by Crazy, Stupid, Love. writer Dan Fogelman, who once actually drove from New Jersey to Las Vegas years and years ago. During the real-life trip, the two were actually caught in a snowstorm for several days, and it’s no surprise a similar plotline made it into the final draft of the film. In fact, Fogelman admits in the clip that most of the plotlines that come up in the film did occur during the real trip the writer took with his mother.

The snowstorm looks incredibly authentic to Tennessee in the film; however, as the clip shows, it’s all camera tricks and green screens. The cast and crew actually filmed the scene in the Los Angeles area, home of very little snow. There are plenty of films with rampant special effects where green screens are expected, but it’s always a little crazy to see moments like the one in this clip pop up and show fans a bit of movie magic that is completely unexpected.

If you are interested in tomorrow’s release, you can pre-order the movie via Amazon or check out the full list of extras available with the set.

Jessica Rawden

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