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Exclusive I Spit On Your Grave Clip: Never Laugh At A Hillbilly

I Spit On Your Grave is the big October horror release coming from Anchor Bay and there’s more than a few reasons to be interested in it, none of them which has anything to do with how controversial the movie it’s remaking originally was, back when it was released in 1978.

First, it’s bursting onto the scene at a time when torture porn has pretty much sapped all the marrow off the bones of the chasing around girls cliche and, maybe it’s about time the genre's defacto female victims got to give some back. I Spit On Your Grave may do a little of that.

Second, it’s an Unrated movie which may, for the first time in recent memory, actually get a wide theatrical release. This is pretty significant. The big problem with the MPAA’s rating system over the years isn’t just how they rate movies but that any movie receiving the NC-17 rating in essence, simply can’t get released. Movie theaters will refuse to show it. Dumping the rating and releasing the movie Unrated also hasn't been an option because, again, movie theaters would refuse to show it. But Anchor Bay tells us I Spit On Your Grave is getting an Unrated theatrical release. How wide that release will be remains to be seen. If they actually manage to get this thing, against all odds, in major chain megaplexes, make it a point to support it.

In the meantime we have this: A Cinema Blend exclusive clip from the movie in which the film’s protagonist gets herself in a whole heap of trouble. The movie revolves around a woman who gets revenge for her assault by brutally taking on the men who attacked her. And here, before everything goes horribly wrong, she’s at a remote gas station where a bunch of up to no good hillbillies look her over. You know they’re up to no good because one of them plays the harmonica, and nothing good can ever come of someone playing the harmonica. Watch:

Important life lesson here: Should you ever find yourself in a remote location surrounded by creepy hillbillies it’s probably not a good idea to laugh derisively at their clumsy sexual advances. Laughter won’t make them any less horny, but it will make them really angry.

I Spit On Your Grave hits theaters October 8th. For more info visit our preview page.