Exclusive Interview: Buried Director Rodrigo Cortes

Rodrigo Cortes knew exactly what he was getting into when he agreed to direct Chris Sparling’s screenplay, Buried--an impossible challenge. Well, I should say a nearly impossible challenge because not only did Cortes manage to turn Sparling’s one-location story into a fantastic film, but a downright compelling one at that.

Buried stars Ryan Reynolds as Paul Conroy, a truck driver hired to deliver supplies to people in need in Iraq. When his convoy is ambushed Paul is knocked unconscious, and when he comes to he finds himself buried underground in a coffin with just a cell phone and a lighter. Paul must break through the frustration and horror of his situation in order to use the few resources he has to give himself even the slightest chance of survival.

94 minutes in a box? Yes, it’s true. Buried has no flashbacks, no dream sequences and never cuts to any above ground locations; we can see what Paul Conroy can see and nothing more and that’s exactly how Cortes wanted it. So how did he pull it off? Hear all the details from Cortes himself in the video interview below.

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.