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Jack Reacher is undoubtedly a movie about a man who works solo, a man who solves cases, and a man who is a bit of a loner. However, secondary to the plot is Reacher’s partner in crime, a defense lawyer named Helen who has a tempestuous relationship with her DA father, resulting from years of distrust and fighting for the other side. Now, Paramount Home Entertainment has extended us an exclusive Blu-ray bonus clip that looks into the relationship portrayed by Rosamund Pike and Richard Jenkins in the film.

Reacher’ s a little lacking in the emotional department and its nice to get a few father-daughter moments between Pike’s Helen and Jenkins’ Rodin, because even if the two don’t get along, the audience can see how invested they are in each other. That butting of heads with a caring component certainly adds to the watchability of the film and in the clip it's nice to see how the actors felt about their characters and how they were able to bring that strained but precariously balanced relationship to the table.

If you haven’t been able to catch the thriller, Jack Reacher is hitting Blu-ray and DVD next Tuesday, May 7, following an early digital release on April 23. Blu-ray copies will offer several bonus features, including audio commentary from Tom Cruise and Christopher McQuarrie, a “Combat and Weapons” featurette, and more. You can check out the full list of bonus features in our earlier post. With a sequel potentially coming our way, the flick may be one worth checking out, and you can obtain the flick digitally, or pre-order it on Amazon right now.