Exclusive: Sex And The City Sequel Filming In Morocco

Production has quietly begun in New York for the sequel to Sex and the City: The Movie, as evidenced by the "no parking" signs in midtown for "Untitled Project" from Warner Bros. (see photo at right). But just as the girls jetted off to Mexico for a chunk of the production last time, they won't be stuck in the city this time either.

We've learned that as much as five weeks of the sequel's production time will be spent in Morocco. Which cast members will be part of the Morocco shoot, or why they're going there, remains a mystery--the only leaked details I could find from Michael Patrick King's script are on the site Open Casting Calls, which may not be remotely reputable. Regardless, they make no mention of Morocco

There are some obvious explanations for what would bring the shoot to Morocco-- Carrie and Big take a honeymoon there, or someone wants to adopt a kid and Morocco stands in for a war-torn African country. But while we're speculating, why not have some fun with it? Maybe someone mistakes Carrie for a legitimate journalist and sends her to cover something in a war zone-- Morocco has stood in for the Middle East multiple times, like Body of Lies and Babel. Or maybe Miranda, in a fit of do-gooder-ism, goes to offer legal services to oppressed minorities or women, or Doctors Without Borders, for all I know. Or maybe Samantha moves her PR business to Dubai! Anything is possible!

It's not really that far out to imagine the fashion-obsessed women of Sex and the City branching out beyond their cushy version of New York. Sure, the show has never traveled anywhere other than Los Angeles, Paris or a Mexico resort, but over six seasons it managed to address issues way more serious than what we saw in the first movie, from infidelity to prostitution even to cancer. It would be fascinating to see the sequel do a complete 180 from the first movie, allowing the women to focus on careers instead of men, and taking place in a world where the biggest problem is not how many guests to invite to your lavish wedding at the New York Public Library.

Of course, realistic and gritty doesn't exactly sell movie tickets, so expect all this speculation to be nothing more than pie-in-the-sky dreaming from an admitted Sex and the City fan who would love to see the franchise be as smart as she knows it's capable of being. But seriously-- they're doing something in Morocco for five weeks, and a simple honeymoon shoot usually doesn't take that long (unless it goes as badly as Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett's trip went in Babel, in which case, we are no longer dealing with Sex and the City). Who else has suggestions of where this could go?

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend