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I’m glad Fanboys is coming to theaters soon. It’s been far too long of a wait for this movie, which hopefully will live up to fanboy expectations. The trailers make me interested enough in this celebration of geekdom to make me hope the movie will be good. After seeing this clip, titled “Take Your Shirt Off”… well, I’m not so sure.

The clip is mostly funny because I’ve seen this sort of thing happen before. Geeks flock to attractive geek girls like moths to a flame. In this case Dan Fogler’s Hutch is trying to get Kristen Bell’s Zoe to lose her top through a Jedi mind trick, to no avail. Instead, she’s willing to flash her goodies to the detached Jay Baruchel. As I said, it’s funny because it’s true, and I’m almost certain I’ve seen this exact scenario play out in real life.

The clip feels a bit choppy - something I hope is a result from watching this snippet separate from the movie. It’s probably also from early on in the film, before it picks up any momentum, which could also lead to a choppy feel.

Fanboys is finally coming to theaters February 6th. Does this scene get you excited about Fanboys, or just about Kristen Bell?