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Fantastic Four's Alleged Editor Just Dropped These Bombshells On Reddit

There are three superhero movies coming out in 2015, and so far, we have seen footage from two of them. Marvel has tipped its hand when it comes to both The Avengers: Age of Ultron and Ant-Man, revealing full trailers for each in the span of the past week. But 2015’s third comic-book blockbuster -- The Fantastic Four -- continues to keep its tricks up its sleeve, so an Internet poster claiming to be an editor on the film took to the Web to reveal some juicy details.

Keep in mind that the information shared by this person could be made up. Recently, someone posted a claim that Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was going to be broken in half and screen as early as this year – a claim that Henry Cavill himself shot down. But a Reddit user calling himself MrBlueFox claims to have worked on a recent edit of the film, and wanted to share details with fans to ensure to them that the upcoming Josh Trank film "isn’t a complete trainwreck" and is "a genuinely good movie." Obviously, we are going to delve into spoilers from this point on, so please depart if you still don’t want to know any potential plot ideas for Trank’s Fantastic Four film.

There are a few interesting elements about The Fantastic Four that this person, claiming to be a Fox employee, shared. Some of them we knew, as when they confirmed that Tobey Kebbell’s Victor Domashev will be a blogger who works at the Baxter Institution – the new name for the Baxter Building in this F.F. universe. The poster claims that the Doom costume will resemble the pics that leaked online a while back, and added that there will be "many hints" towards Kebbell’s character returning to his homeland of Latveria to use his powers for "good" and help his native people. This might tease what will happen in the already greenlit The Fantastic Four 2.

Outside of Doom, there was talk of The Negative Zone – the cosmic area where the four cast members allegedly receive their powers. This poster said it will integral to the first half of the second act, with more than 30 minutes of footage taking place in there. He also said that the CGI being used to create The Thing is "more or less the same" as the pics that leaked a while back, and that "design-wise, he looks fine." There also were hints that there were changes made to the traditional story of the Fantastic Four, particularly when it came to "the original love story between two of the characters." This could mean that Sue Storm (played by Kate Mara) no longer falls in love with Reed Richards (Miles Teller), but rather, with Ben Grimm (Jamie Bell), as she does in the Ultimate line of Fantastic Four comic books.

Want to double check what the person wrote? Well, you can’t. This mysterious person deleted all of their comments from Reddit, leading me to think that there is some credence to what was posted. These aren’t groundbreaking nuggets, but they ease a few of our early concerns. The poster said that the movie "feels like Chronicle 2," and that makes a lot of sense, because Trank’s work on that independent superhero film is what earned him his crack at directing Fantastic Four. Is all of this real? Made up by someone who wants to dupe comic fans? Once we see a trailer from Fantastic Four, we’ll know for sure.

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