Fast And The Furious 4 Plot Spoilers

For those of you not schooled in sarcasm, a year ago when I said that the plot of The Fast and the Furious 4: “will revolve around finding a way to fit a whale tank in the trunk of a Mitsubishi without having to remove the Nitrus Oxide they need to achieve escape velocity when they jump over the sun.” I was kidding. That’s the plot of Star Trek 4. Even after I’ve explained this several times, a lot of the fans leaving messages in our comments section still seem to think I’m serious. I wasn’t, but I am about this.

Earlier this week a huge FF 4 plot spoiler popped up online in the form of an image dug up by the guys at BeyondHollywood. This is a huge spoiler folks, and I’m going to spill it. So if you don’t want to know anymore, stop reading right now. Go visit our FF4 preview page or something. No spoilers there.

Ready? Here come the spoilers.

The picture in question shows a large group of people attending the funeral of Letty, Michelle Rodriguez’s character in the original Fast and the Furious film. We know it’s Letty’s funeral, because mourners in the picture are actually wearing t-shirts which say “Remember Letty.” The FF movies never have been big on subtlety. A few months ago we got word that she’d be reprising the role, though rumor had it that she’d be doing little more than a cameo. Well this may be why. She gets killed off.

Adding fuel to the fire is AICN, where tonight they posted an anonymous message sent to them by a scooper. Their source claims that the death of Letty is the launching point for the plot of the entire movie. He says, “Vin Diesel's character goes after her killer. He's forced to team up with Paul Walker again. They both go undercover for the main bad guy.”

Makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it? Below is a snippet from the spoiler pic. For the full image, click over to BH.

Josh Tyler