When it comes to franchise films, using two movies to tell one story doesn't always work out for the best. Two recent examples of this include Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest and At World's End as well as The Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions. What ends up happening is that you have two incomplete films with a lot of bloat. But perhaps the Fast and Furious franchise can break that streak.

Somewhat confirming previous reports, the LA Times is saying that Universal is heavily considering filming the next two installments of the popular Vin Diesel-Paul Walker series back-to-back, but the added twist is that the two movies would be telling one story between them. Chris Morgan, who was hired to write the next installment before Fast Five was even released, is apparently currently working with director Justin Lin on the story, though details are being kept secret. Should the movies be filmed back-to-back, it would likely mean that Fast Six would miss its May 24, 2013 as Lin would be shooting the seventh movie instead of cutting the sixth.

While the Pirates and Matrix movies are two examples of back-to-back movies that didn't really work, it should be noted that Back to the Future Part II and Part III as well as The Lord of the Rings movies were all shot together, so there is a history of it working on some level. The problem that may end up presenting itself is that the Fast and Furious movies have never really been big on plot in the first place, so spreading one over the span of two movies may end up being a little thin. Then again, all that fans really care about in these movies are the car chases, so as long as they keep those going I'm sure audiences will be satisfied.

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