Good day, horror fans. Not much out there is scarier than seeing a giant sci-fi movie (Jupiter Ascending) and a giant fantasy movie (Seventh Son) getting their asses handed to them in the box office by SpongeBob SquarePants. Long live genre efforts! The only thing resembling horror hitting limited theaters and VOD this week is the dubstep-infused psychological thriller Enter the Dangerous Mind. Pop some molly and get on that.

In smaller news, it’s been rumored that Nicolas Winding Refn’s The Neon Demon is a film about voodoo and cannibal supermodels, so yay! Oculus director Mike Flanagan’s next film Somnia will hit theaters on May 8th, and Image Entertainment acquired Joe Dante’s Burying the Ex for release this summer. Amanda Seyfried and Theo James signed on for the supernatural thriller Black Lung. And The Guest’s Adam Wingard is reteaming with writer Simon Barrett for a "cabin in the woods" horror called The Woods.

And now, a story with a twist!

m night shyamalan
M. Night Shyamalan is Already Working on Another Movie
Despite the fact that his next movie, The Visit, doesn’t come out until the end of the summer, director M. Night Shyamalan is apparently already busy at work on his next feature. That’s probably the best way to save oneself from doing too much research into The Visit’s pre-buzz, which is all over the map right now in terms of both excitement and negativity. Here’s how he announced the news on Twitter.

I like the idea of Shyamalan making smaller movies again. Everything looks smaller than After Earth, really. I have no idea what to expect from The Visit, which will center on a brother and sister who discover their grandparents are mixed up in something disturbing, so there are even less expectations to be had for another "scary thriller." He does go on to say in another Tweet that he’s wondering if people will enjoy the comedy in The Visit, and whether he should have more or less of the same in the new feature, saying, "Already I’m screwed." Not the best thing to admit, probably. The Visit comes out on September 11th, at which point Shyamalan may have already filmed this movie on the down low. Are you guys ready for more from the Sixth Sense filmmaker?

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