The Female Ocean's 11 Remake Is Eyeing Another Oscar Winner, Get The Details

We’ve previously reported on the all-female Ocean’s 11 movie in development and how it has some serious talent attached to it so far. Gary Ross (The Hunger Games) is attached to direct, and Sandra Bullock is tapped to lead in the George Clooney-like role, with Jennifer Lawrence in early talks to join the picture. It seems two Oscar winners just isn’t enough for this movie, and there is now talks of another Academy Award winning actress looking to get in on the fun. That actress is none other than Carol’s Cate Blanchett, who is in early negotiations to join the caper.

The news comes from the Playlist, who report that Cate Blanchett is being eyed for a role. The negotiations are still early, but Blanchett would play the Brad Pitt companion role to Bullock’s Clooney. This movie is not a remake but set in the same world as the all-dude Ocean’s 11; Bullock is supposedly playing Danny Ocean’s sister. Therefore, the roles are just aiming to mimic the companionship of the characters as opposed to just being a female version of the same character.

Playlist also reports that Jennifer Lawrence’s involvement is more tenuous than previously thought. The film is looking to start filming in late fall this year, and it’s causing some schedule conflicts with the busy actress. It would be great to see all three actresses on screen together, so let's all hold hands and mutter dark incantations to make it open. If that doesn't work, Lawrence can do something else and we can eagerly await the list of talented actresses who will join the movie. I can’t imagine there will be a shortage of people that want to be in this movie.

The film has no official title, but those close to the production have been calling it Ocean’s Ocho. This implies that instead of 11, the movie will star eight women, which could be for the best. I can only remember maybe Ocean’s 6 of the 11 and what their jobs were. Having only eight women will spread the wealth a bit more and give everyone some more screen time.

Interestingly, the movie has been in the works for quite some time, even before the all-female Ghostbusters. It was being developed months before it was initially reported, with Gary Ross coming up with the concept and bringing it to his good buddy and original Ocean’s 11 director, Steven Soderbergh. It was revealed in that big Sony hack a while back that the studio wanted to push an all-female Ghostbusters into production first after hearing about Ocean’s Ocho.

Ocean’s Ocho sounds like it could have a great cast attached to it, so make sure to keep checking with Cinema Blend for more updates.

Matt Wood

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