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It was hard not to get excited about the clip that was going around the internet yesterday, seeming to show an all-grown-up Ferris Bueller making plans for the Super Bowl. Was Matthew Broderick going to show up onstage at halftime and lead a singalong to "Twist and Shout"? Was there some kind of sequel in the works? The mystery was the fun part, so if you're hanging on to that, you might not want to read what's next.

Car site Jalopnik has hunted down a source who reveals that Broderick will be reviving Ferris for a Honda commercial that, indeed, will air during the Super Bowl next Sunday. The spot will mimic a lot of elements of the original film, and will even repeat the scene where the valets take Cameron's dad's Ferrari on a joyride-- only this time, they'll be driving a Honda CR-V. The ad is such a big deal that they even brought in The Hangover director Todd Phillips to put it together, which means the spot should be heavy on anarchic spirit, and maybe as raunchy as you can get away with during an event as huge as the Super Bowl.

We pretty much expected that the Bueller spot would be some kind of commercial, so it's hard to be too disappointed to hear that Ferris has sold out in his old age. But is a Honda spot really what we were hoping for? Or should we wait to see the ad before judging whether this was a good idea. Check out the original teaser again below and speculate what else Ferris might get up to in his Honda in the comments below.

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