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Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Sven and, yes, Olaf are back in the first Frozen Fever trailer. The new animated short is set to debut in front of screenings of Cinderella, and Walt Disney Animation has released the first footage of the reunion. As expected, Olaf steals the spotlight with his lovable snowman antics. Kids just cannot get enough of this lil' man.
The plot for Frozen Fever is simple, but will surely delight fans of the film. Elsa may have mastery over ice, but she’s not immune to catching the common cold. Unfortunately, when you can cause an eternal winter with a few waves of your hand, a cold can be a major threat to her and everything and everyone around. Still, it’s Anna’s birthday and she, Kristoff and Olaf are determined to make the celebration extra special. Frozen directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck have returned to helm this short, and we’ll see if they can work more of the same magic that stole our hearts.

Based on the footage, there’s also going to be a new musical number, which was written by Oscar-winning duo Robert and Kristen Anderson-Lopez. But it’s a short, so it can’t be too long, right? The important thing to remember is that it’s just meant to whet the audience’s palette before diving into Kenneth Branagh’s imagining of the Cinderella fairy tale. 

Listen, folks. We know you’re probably exhausted by now of hearing "Let It Go." And if you’re not, more power to you. We knew Disney would find some way to continue the Frozen franchise. It was their biggest animated film of all time, so why wouldn’t they? Toy Story 3, the previous title holder, was just one installment of many movies, TV specials and shorts. The third-place holder, The Lion King, also got its share of continuations, as well as a hit Broadway production. There was no way the Mouse House was gonna let Frozen fall off the map any time soon.

It’s still unclear whether we’ll be getting a Frozen 2 or not, so a short film attached to one of Disney’s major movies this year is the next best thing. Broadway legend Idina Menzel, who voices Elsa, first said that a sequel was "in the works," but she quickly backtracked. She told the Today show the following Monday morning that she made those comments because she just assumed that’s what would happen. We’re sure she learned a valuable lesson that day: never give diehard fans more hope when there’s none to give.