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As I Lay Dying Still

James Franco and Danny McBride have so far teamed up for three comedies: the medieval adventure Your Highness, the stoner comedy Pineapple Express, and the upcoming This Is The End. But soon the Cannes Film Festival will debut the pair's first shared drama As I Lay Dying.

Franco not only wrote and directed in this adaptation of William Faulkner's classic novel, but also leads its impressive cast, which includes Tim Blake Nelson, Prometheus's Logan Marshall-Green, True Blood's Jim Parrack, and Ahna O'Reilly of the heralded Sundance drama Fruitvale Station. Its story centers on the Bundren family as the gather to fulfill the last wish of their matriarch Addie. Set in 1930s Mississippi, the novel unfolded its story from the perspective of 15 different characters, which should pose a unique challenge to film adaptation. But you can get a look at some its stars in character below, thanks to The Playlist.

As I Lay Dying Still First up, here's Franco looking broody as Darl Bundren, the younger brother of Cash (Parrack) as well as the main storyteller in the novel. (You can spot Parrack as Cash in the center of the shot at the top of the page. Also spotted behind him is the youngest Brundren, Vardaman, played by newcomer Brady Permenter.)

As I Lay Dying Still

Next we have Marshall-Green as Jewel Bundren, the third eldest of Addie's brood, following Cash and Darl. Despite technically being a bastard, he was his mama's favorite.

As I Lay Dying Still

O'Reilly plays Dewey Dell Bundren, Addie's fourth child and only daughter.

As I Lay Dying Still

Then there's Nelson as Anse Bundren, the widower of Addie and father to all of the above but Jewel.

As I Lay Dying Still

Lastly we have a look at McBride in his period costume. This will be McBride's first dramatic role since David Gordon Green's All the Real Girls from 2003, but we still don't know which part he's playing.

As I Lay Dying is expected to hit theaters later this year.

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