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First Look At Star Trek Beyond Filming

The upcoming third entry in the revitalized, intensified and sexified Star Trek cinematic universe has apparently started shooting. The film, presumably titled Star Trek Beyond, has seen some of its stars herald their impeding return to the bridge of the Enterprise with some social media posts that do no less than whet the appetites of fans clamoring to once again "boldly go."

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Perhaps the most vocal of the returning cast members is Zachary Quinto, whose recent Trek-centric Instagram contributions have shown themselves to be both introspective and emotional as he gets ready to reprise his inherited role as Spock for the first time since the sad passing of originator, Leonard Nimoy earlier this year. Quinto’s relationship with Nimoy was quite demonstrably both a mentorship and a clear friendship, as the two Spocks seemed to share a rather heartfelt bond that went well beyond the prosthetic pointy ears. In the above pic, Quinto appears in deep Vulcan-like meditative thought, as he appears to be channeling Spock, waiting for the character to, as he puts it, "emerge."

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The photo from Quinto posted above is, perhaps the closest thing we’re getting to an insider look at Star Trek Beyond. The extreme closeup selfie of Quinto’s face reveals what appear to be freshly-shaven eyebrows, shaped to give that signature Spock-like Vulcan curve, with some of the removed remnants still stuck on his cheek. The look in his eye is nothing less than serious as the U.S.S. Enterprise’s esteemed recalcitrantly logical science officer is all but ready to hit the bridge to address the latest threat to the galaxy.

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Of course, co-star Zoe Saldana, who plays Spock’s inner-office romance of sorts (in this universe, anyway) in communications officer Lieutenant Uhura, also went public with a bit of a teaser, taking to Twitter to post a photo of herself sitting in her trailer; presumably preparing to make her imminent onset debut.

It’s certainly good to see Star Trek Beyond finally getting things rolling. Much of the recent news cycle surrounding the film has focused on the somewhat controversial aspect of the recently re-written script by the film’s co-star Simon Pegg and Doug Jung. Besides vague ideas describing the tone, next to nothing is known about the film. However, Pegg has recently gone on record numerous times, expressing his intentions to apparently veer away from the current franchise’s frenetic, action-centric nature towards the more traditional exploration motifs, while avoiding the sequel becoming, as he put it, "a little too Star Trek-y." A recurring theme that comes up in those intentions points to the original series’ depicted premise of the Enterprise’s "five year mission" to explore the galaxy.

Of course, that is by no means any indication that this film will be a sleepy space odyssey. In fact, the film is apparently looking to ambitiously expand the limits of the mythos. The film can cite exciting additions to the cast like the celebrated Brit badass, Idris Elba, who is attached to the film as the yet-to-be-identified antagonist. Additionally, the Kingsman: The Secret Service femme-fatale, Sofia Boutella has jumped on board the film for an unidentified role, which will certainly look to be as devastatingly memorable.

Star Trek Beyond (presuming that is the title), with Fast & Furious series director Justin Lin at the helm, is currently set to assume standard orbit at theaters on July 8, 2016.