First Official Sex And City 2 Image

Now that we’ve all been forced to sit through two Twilight movies, as a man the thought of a second Sex and the City movie almost seems like a relief. I mean, at least Carrie doesn’t sparkle when she stands in the sun. Well, at least not much. Men: Your women are excited about it and maybe if you take them to the sequel you’ll get a pass when the third Twilight movie arrives next year. It’s worth a shot.

The movie’s still a few months off but get the lady in your life excited right now by showing her this. It’s the first official photo from Sex and the City 2, just released by Warner Bros. as part of their 2010 preview. For more on WB’s 2010 slate of films, browse through our Upcoming Movies database and for more on Sex and the City 2 just click the image. Hey look, Carrie’s wearing a dress! What are the odds?

Josh Tyler