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If you live in a major city, you might have noticed some mysterious graffiti that vaguely resembles the elongated logo from the Amazing Spider-Man poster. If you pay attention at all to movie marketing, you'll know that's not accident-- Sony has been coordinating a viral game across the country through the site Mark of the Spider-Man, and those who played along got to unlock the first full clip from the movie. Of course, now that the game is through, the rest of us get to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Take a look at the movie's first clip below.

So we've got Peter Parker! Facing off against an adversary! Trying to get to his true love, Gwen Stacy! So, sure, the doorman isn't as fearsome as the Lizard-- and if Peter were as clever as his alter-ego Spider-Man, he really should have been able to talk himself out of this pickle. But the scene is funny and nicely paced, showing off Andrew Garfield's comic timing and filling in a piece of the puzzle from the newest trailer, where he lands on Gwen's balcony and offers the explanation, "Your doorman's intimidating." We can probably assume that's the result of this scene-- not the bravest way for Peter to go, but he can save that courage for later on, when he really needs it.

It's been a good couple of weeks for Spider-Man fans, with all the new footage looking impressive, and Sony ramping up the marketing campaign to guarantee we'll be seeing much more where that came from. I'm still a little concerned we're being shown too much, and there won't be enough surprises in store when the movie comes to theaters on July 3. But so long as everything they show us keeps looking good, can we really complain?

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