There doesn't seem to be anything that Rashida Jones can't do. Or if there is, I certainly haven't seen it. She's a great actor with wonderful comedic timing who also happens to occasionally sing (her father is Quincy Jones) and writes her own comic book series ("Frenemy of the State"). Jones recently turned her unbounded talents to screenwriting, co-authoring a small film called Celeste And Jesse Forever with fellow actor Will McCormack.

It's the pair's first attempt at writing a movie and Jones stars as Celeste opposite Andy Samberg's Jesse. Oh, McCormack is in the film too, as Skillz, but I don't think you get a glimpse of him in this first trailer. Directed by Lee Toland Krieger (just his second film after The Vicious Kind), Celeste And Jesse Forever is about the two titular best friends who also happen to be going through a divorce. Yes, from each other, but that doesn't mean they can't hang out. Right? Take a look (trailer via iTunes Movie Trailers).

After a pretty good showing in Sundance - Katey called it a "low-key charmer" in her review - Sony Pictures Classics picked up the odd twist on the romantic dramedy, which, by the looks of it, seems heavier on the drama. I'm definitely looking forward to the film and seeing a different side of Samberg, but mainly I'm interested in watching Jones in a leading role. She's proven herself with countless supporting roles, whether opposite comedy big shots Paul Rudd and Jason Segel in I Love You, Man or being quietly perfect onParks and Recreation, and I just want to see more.

Celeste And Jesse Forever also looks beautiful (the soft blues and creams, with some pink) and the last 30 seconds or so, with Porcelain Raft's "Drifting In and Out" playing, is perfectly cut. The film also boasts an excellent supporting cast including Elijah Wood, Ari Graynor, Eric Christian Olsen, Emma Roberts and Chris Messina. It opens August 3, 2012.

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