First Trailer For David Schwimmer's Thriller Trust

David Schwimmer's Trust is part of the Toronto International Film Festival lineup that I am very, very excited to be seeing this September, but I"ll admit, after watching the film's first trailer, I'm not sure it's one I'll be seeking out first thing. It's not just that Schwimmer's previous directorial effort Run, Fat Boy, Run was a punishing excuse for a "comedy" or that movies about the dangers of cyber-stalking feel very late-90s, but well, this movie seems to abuse the talents of both Clive Owen and Catherine Keener, and that I cannot abide.

Check out the trailer below (via TIFF Reviews), in which a teenage girl learns that maybe it's not necessarily a good idea to give away all our secrets to a stranger on the internet, and see whether or not you share my skepticism. If I manage to catch Trust in Toronto I'll make sure and bring you an update.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend