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Fletch Reboot Finds Its Screenwriter

It looks like the Fletch reboot is actually happening. After years stuck in production hell, with names including Kevin Smith, Jason Lee, Bill Lawrence and Zach Braff all attached at some point, it was reported in February that Warner Bros. had purchased the rights with hopes of turning it into a new franchise. Though Steve Golin, Michael Sugar, and David List were all attached as producers at the time, the project was still without a writer or director. Now they've filled one of those gaps.

THR reports that the WB is now in talks with David Mandel to write the script for the Fletch reboot. Based on the mystery novels by Gregory McDonald, the series is about a journalist named I.M. Fletcher who is famous for his exposes but has a troubled personal life dealing with two ex-wives. The project is being considered more of a reimagining than a remake and will "[play] out on a bigger canvas than the previous movies." Mandel's previous writing credits include nine episodes of Seinfeld, Clerks: The Animated Series, The Cat in the Hat with Mike Myers, EuroTrip and the upcoming Sacha Baron Cohen film The Dictator.

The article also says that the studio considers the project a high priority, as it can be a "great vehicle for an A-list comedy star." The question is, who is able - or, for that matter, willing - to fill Chevy Chase's shoes?

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