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Former 007 Roger Moore Calls Quantum Of Solace A Long, Disjointed Commercial

Roger Moore apparently didn’t like the most-recent James Bond thriller, Quantum of Solace. Join the club, sir.

India Ross of Varsity sits down with the former 007 for a relatively candid interview where Moore opens up about the decades-spanning franchise that helped make him famous. While Moore says he’s fond of Daniel Craig’s current interpretation of the spy with a license to kill, he calls Marc Forster’s 2008 effort “a long, disjointed commercial.”

Well, yeah. The film’s boasting a 64% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, which isn’t really fresh at all. The only thing more incomprehensible than the choppy action sequences is the convoluted plot.

Speaking of incomprehensible, Moore breaks off a funny line about his immediate Bond predecessor, Sean Connery. “Sean is a great actor,” he says. “It’s a pity I can’t understand what he’s saying.”

But at least we can say that the relative stumble that was Solace has led to a creative reboot. American Beauty and Road to Perdition helmer Sam Mendes is on board. Craig’s back in action, and he’s facing off against Oscar winner Javier Bardem as a Bond villain (which may or may not be iconic Bond villain Blofeld, according to various rumors). There is talk on the Web that Mendes might want to pursue Oscars with a more-talkative, less-action-heavy take on the James Bond formula. And while that (bizarre) rumor might give me pause, that director and that cast makes me believe such a Bond sequel could be extremely engaging.

I wonder if Sir Roger Moore agrees.

Sean O'Connell
Sean O'Connell

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