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Do you want to know my favorite part of every James Bond film? Why, it’s the talking, of course. Yes, my heart races when M (lately played by Judi Dench) plows through minutes of exposition to set up a convoluted plot barely anyone can follow. Oh, and when a Bond villain monologues, it sends shivers down my spine. More talking, please, Mr. Bond. You have a License to Expound, in my book.

I’m kidding. And I hope whoever started a rumor we’re seeing over at is kidding as well. The site’s claiming that current Bond director Sam Mendes is slicing several action sequences out of his pending film, rumored to be titled Skyfall, and will go after more-serious character development with an eye on earning the Bond franchise an Oscar.

The irony is that Mendes has the actors in place to make such a rumor a reality. Daniel Craig’s an underrated actor, and in Bond 23, he’ll be staring down Oscar winners Javier Bardem and (potentially) Ralph Fiennes. Mendes has guided multiple actors to Oscar nominations and wins over the years. And Mendes has been running into issues with government officials as he tried to stage exciting action sequences on the tops of India’s railways.

Does that mean he’ll scrap action altogether? Unlikely. Though the franchise has collected seven Oscar nominations to date – and posted two wins – the recognition comes in technical categories such as sound, visual effects, and theme song. Actors usually aren’t recognized by the Academy for their work in a James Bond film, and I don’t see Mendes reversing that trend … or even trying.

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