Fox has made the right move. After the outrage on Friday over FoxNews columnist Roger Friedman’s review and blatant endorsement of the pirating of his parent company’s upcoming summer tentpole X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the web erupted in outrage. We along with many others called for his firing. Fox it seems, agreed.

Deadline Hollywood reports that Friedman has been fired. He was fired almost immediately by Roger Ailes, who overseas Fox News, a move which DH says was done with the full support of News Corp.

Well done Fox, hypocrisy avoided. Perhaps though, this incident illustrates how flat out impossible it is to stop people from downloading movies. If Fox can’t even keep their own people from engaging in illegal downloading, what good is the ongoing war against the ever growing number of domestic and international downloaders going to do? Take a hint. It’s time to consider another solution.

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