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Frankenweenie Exclusive Character Debuts: Meet Victor And Sparky

If you've spent the last few years wishing Tim Burton would get back to his spooky roots, you'll be getting exactly what you wished for with this fall's Frankenweenie. A full-length, animated adaptation of Burton's 1984 short film, Frankenweenie is the story of a young boy named Victor Frankenstein who missed his dog Sparky so much that he brings him back from the dead. You could see in the first trailer that the animation style and the slightly gross subject matter felt a lot like Burton's earlier films like Edward Scissorhands and A Nightmare Before Christmas, and now we've exclusively bringing you a closer look at the two main characters, Victor and Sparky, to see just how detailed that character design is. We've also got Facebook profile covers and wallpapers for your phone or laptop, all available for download here.

First, meet Victor, the boy who makes it all possible.

Victor Frankenstein is a clever and industrious 10-year-old boy who is inspired by science. He lives with his parents and dog, Sparky, in the town of New Holland. Victor immerses himself in making films and inventing in his attic workshop. When Sparky dies in a car accident, Victor uses scientific ingenuity to bring him back to life.


Victor Facebook Profile Cover

Victor Wallpaper 640x960

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And now here's Sparky, the dog who's just as much fun to be around after his death.

Sparky is a devoted and playful bull terrier whose sense of curiosity is matched only by his beloved owner, Victor. Sparky enjoys chasing after balls and being the star of Victor’s homemade movies. He exudes tons of energy and enthusiasm, which even his untimely death doesn’t diminish.


Sparky Facebook Profile Cover

Sparky Wallpaper 640x960

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Sparky Wallpaper 1600x1200

For more on Frankenweenie you can visit the film's page in our Blend Film Database, or go here to read about Eric's early look at the film. Frankenweenie opens in theaters October 5.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend