Excitement for Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie has been running high all day. The panel for the upcoming film kicked off with a trailer done as an homage to old horror film filled with creepy quotes, aggressive narration and a crack about it being in “The Third Dimension”. Those who were there began tweeting about the trailer immediately, with buzz being almost exclusively positive. The footage was later followed by two more clips which also wowed the crowd.

Not surprisingly, the Q&A quickly turned into nerd paradise, but luckily for those of us who weren’t in attendance, Disney has been kind enough to put the old-timey greatness online. You can watch the clip in all its glory below…

I was not sold on the first trailer. I thought it looked okay, but it wasn’t quite enough to raise my excitement level. This, on the other hand, is beautiful. Funny and weird, it’s everything and more we’d expect from the brilliant brain of Tim Burton, and it makes me want to pay to see his film immediately. Unfortunately, thanks to a few release date shuffles, we’re now stuck waiting until October 5 to see the work in its entirety. Expect Disney to roll out a few more clips and possibly even a new trailer by then in an effort to build off all the good will generated here today.

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