Friends With Kids Trailer Is Basically A Bridesmaids Reunion

There has been a lot of drama recently surrounding a potential Bridesmaids 2. While Kristen Wiig has said that she isn't interested in a sequel right now, there was a report earlier this week saying that Universal could move forward without her. The discussion only escalated when Melissa McCarthy said that she wouldn't make a Bridesmaids movie without Wiig. Then the whole situation turned again when Wiig said that she actually would potentially be interested in another movie, but not right now. That brings us to Friends With Kids. While we may never see a Bridesmaids 2, imagine an alternate ending where Kristen Wiig winds up with Jon Hamm and Maya Ruldolph ends up with Chris O'Dowd. Weird, right? Well, just get a load of the recently released trailer.

Check it out below or in HD over on Yahoo!

Friends with Kids tells the story of two friends (Adam Scott and Jennifer Westfeldt) who decide that they both want to have kids but don't want to deal with the hassle of being married. But while things seem to be working out for a while, soon things begin to become more complicated as each one finds another special person in their life. The film was written and directed by Westfeldt and will be released on March 9th.

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