Garrett Hedlund Passed On Captain America Out Of Loyalty To TRON

Here’s something that Ryan Reynolds should maybe have taken note of before agreeing to do Deadpool. In an interview with Fadeinonline TRON: Legacy star talks about being considered for the role of Captain America, but says he passed on it. Why? Here’s how he explains it.

I met with the director last year before going to shoot Country Strong. Then, when they'd come in and talked to me about it, we'd just continually pass on it because of scheduling. Also, to be in something that had a second and a third film following it, we felt that TRON already had that, you know. To mix in another heroic character with that was not necessary. In short, we kind of always passed on it. I didn't really think that was my gig.

That’s something I don’t think I’ve ever heard any other actor admit to before. Normally they’d only pass on something like Captain America because of scheduling conflicts, and while that was part of his reasoning, the notion that Hedlund skipped Cap because he believes in TRON so much, well that warms my little Troniac heart. In a way I sort of agree with him anyway. The notion of playing so many big, iconic, blockbuster movie heroes just feels wrong. Maybe that’s why so many are annoyed with Sam Worthington. The man is well passed his blockbuster movie franchise quota. Hedlund sounds genuinely interested in more than just making as much money as possible by being in as many big movies as possible, and that’s all too rare.

Josh Tyler