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General Zod Threatens Earth In New Man Of Steel Viral Video

So perhaps we were all completely mistaken in assuming the recent Man of Steel promotional campaign was just a promotional campaign. Now it appears that the static-y billboards and websites were all pieces of viral marketing featuring transmissions from Zod, off in whatever part of the universe he’s in, seething and loathing things.

Apparently the Kryptonian general is giving some good thought towards destroying Earth, the planet which shelters one of his citizens - a certain somebody named Kal-El. The Deep Space Radio Wave (DSRW) Project website recently showcased a series of transmissions that were decoded, revealing the phrase “You Are Not Alone.” But just in case you thought Zod was offering Superman a compassionate shoulder from a fellow alien outsider, it probably amounts to something along the lines of an apocalyptic threat. Kal-El is not the only super man, and the fate of humanity doesn’t bode well because of it.

Zod wants the Earth’s population to surrender Superman, or for Superman to surrender himself, and he’s giving him 24 hours to do so. If we’re all still alive to tell the tale 25 hours from now, we can then assume this may just be how Zod relates his message to Superman within Man of Steel itself. But this is a dangerous world we live in, and when the master of all he surveys threatens, the world listens.

Though another website that recently went up,, now has its own static transmission, revealing itself to be a countdown in Kryptonian numbers. As far as I can tell, it’s counting down from 46 hours and 48 minutes, as of this writing. So maybe we'll be getting a cool new trailer where cool shit actually happens instead of just a voiceover. I guess we’ll know more in two days, and we’ll all know what Man of Steel has to offer when it hits theaters on June 14, 2013.

And just to refresh your memory, here’s said trailer with the voiceover.

Nick Venable
Nick Venable

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