Get The Backstory On Jack Reacher In The Film's First Clip

On my flight back from my Thanksgiving vacation I took the opportunity to pick up my copy of Lee Child's detective drama "One Shot," and discovered something very quickly: people should be more excited for the upcoming adaptation Jack Reacher. The story told in the novel is a great mix of fun and smart, and the director of the movie, Christopher McQuarrie, is a bona fide talent, earning an Oscar for his Usual Suspects script and previously making his directorial debut with the severely underrated The Way of the Gun. Sadly there hasn't been a huge promotional push for the film, but if we go overseas we can at least find something.

The Official Paramount Pictures YouTube channel in Belgium has posted the first clip from Jack Reacher, which does a pretty solid job of giving the audience a back-story on the titular protagonist. Check out the video below!

Jack Reacher begins when a trained sniper shoots five random people in the middle of a populated area. When the cops bring in their prime suspect, a trained army sniper named James Barr who left evidence of his involvement with the crime everywhere, he says only one thing: "Get me Jack Reacher." When Reacher (Tom Cruise), a trained army cop, gets to town he actually aims to bury Barnes for good, but when he starts looking into the case he discovers that something just isn't right. The supporting cast includes talents such as Rosamund Pike, Werner Herzog, Robert Duvall, Jai Courtney, David Oyelowo, Richard Jenkins and Michael Raymond-James. The movie will be in theaters December 21st and you can see more from it in our Blend Film Database.

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