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Ghostbusters 3 May Slime Eliza Dushku And Alyssa Milano?

Dan Akyroyd has been out talking about casting for the long-gesting third Ghostbusters movie and apparently, if he has any say in it, he’d base the cast on the recent Ghostbusters video game. Or at least that seems to be what he’s saying in a new interview with the LA Times.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing. The game featured the voice talents of super-hotties Alyssa Milano and Eliza Dushku and let’s face it, if you're going to hire Milano and Dushku you really ought to use them in a way that let's your audience see them. Their physical appearance is generally regarded as extremely pleasant. Of them Akyroyd says, “I think they're amazing, and I'm excited about the whole idea of getting this done.” Does he mean “getting this done” as in getting them in the movie or just getting this done as in simply making the movie at all? The Times' somewhat vague piece doesn’t say.

Milano was quick to address the rumors on her Twitter feed where she says "... this is the first I'm hearing of Ghostbusters 3." Dushku followed with another denial on her Twitter saying, "'s nuthin' I know of." So Akroyd really was saying he wants them, it must be more of a wishlist than something they're already pursuing.

Dan did confirm that Sigourney Weaver is now on board for Ghustbusters 3, which is great news for fans. And of course the rest of the original squad: Akyrod, Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, and Ernie Hudson are all in or it wouldn’t be happening. In the past it was Murray’s reluctance to do it that kept the project from happening. Not returning is director Ivan Reitman. Akyroyd confirms “he’s too busy”.

So the whole thing’s moving forward and maybe they’re looking for a couple of high-profile, youngish, new female Ghostbusters. I like it, especially if it’s Milano. Dushku has Dollhouse to keep her busy and besides, Milano’s better when it comes to over the top comedy. It doesn't hurt that she has more tattoos which, weirdly seems like something a female Ghostbuster needs. Slime her!