The Ghostbusters Villain Has Been Revealed, Here's What We Know

The marketing machine for new movies is so large, with so many moving parts, that if you can’t get movie details from the studio proper, you can always look to the associated merchandise for details. New York’s Toy Fair is going on right now and the unveiling of the new action figure line associated with the new Ghostbusters movie has now revealed both the look and the name of the movie’s bad guy. His name is Rowan, and he looks like this:

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As part of a toy line presentation to PixelDan Eardley, the presenter revealed that this new character, who bears a striking resemblance to the classic Ghostbusters logo will apparently be the film’s villain. Nothing was revealed beyond the name and the look, as nothing else is really important as far as the toy version goes. Interestingly, Rowan will actually not be available to purchase himself. Instead, the character will be divided in four parts that will come included with each of the four Ghostbusters figures that make up the new team. Collect all four and Rowan can be built.

It’s certainly an interesting choice for a bad guy. The movie is using the same Ghostbusters logo that was created at the beginning of the franchise, but the ghost character has never been more than a logo. Also, he has a bow tie, because otherwise he’ll just look naked. This could go in a couple of different directions here, as far as we can guess. First, the spirit in question uses the logo as inspiration to take that particular form for some reason, or, the Ghostbusters in this movie won’t be using the same logo at the beginning of the film, but will adopt it after defeating Rowan, making the logo a reveal moment near the end of the story. That could be cool.

Rown won’t be the only Ghostbusters bad guy with a name, apparently. The toy table also includes a ghost named Mayhem, as well as a collection of smaller ghosts that will likely be making at least brief appearances in the movie. One of them looks remarkably like the classic Slimer. Will he be back after all? Check out the full presentation here. The Rowan reveal happens around the :50 second mark.

What do you guys think of the new big bad for the Ghostbusters movie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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