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Gillian Jacobs Joins Hot Tub Time Machine 2

It seems like just an hour or so ago, I was pointing out the number of NBC Thursday-night comedy stars set to play roles in the Hot Tub Time Machine sequel, what with Chevy Chase on board to return and Adam Scott joining the cast. And then comes another exciting piece of casting for the follow-up. Chevy Chase will be joining his (former) Community co-star Gillian Jacobs, who has been cast as the female lead in the movie.

Deadline reported the news this evening, stating that Jacobs has signed on for the female lead in the Steve Pink-directed Hot Tub Time Machine sequel. She joins Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson, Clark Duke, Chevy Chase and Adam Scott. John Cusack will not be back for the sequel.

Beyond noting that she's the female lead, there's no mention of how Jacobs' character will fit into the story. But - as we mentioned earlier - Rob Corddry revealed in an interview that the sequel would have the group traveling ten years into the future, where they encounter Adam Scott's character, who is Adam's (John Cusack's character) son. Perhaps Jacobs will be Scott's love interest, or the offspring of another character (Corddry's?). Regardless of how she fits in, Jacobs is funny and one more great addition to this cast.

We'll see Jacobs back on Community for Season 5 next season. We'll also see her in Steven Brill's comedy Walk of Shame starring Elizabeth Banks. But those who want to see her being funny before then should be following her Twitter. Jacobs is a Vine enthusiast… to put it mildly…

Kelly West
Kelly West

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