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Hot Tub Time Machine Might Get A Sequel

Hot Tub Time Machine was one of the last movies put out by MGM before the company went bankrupt, and looking at the box office receipts it's not hard to see why. Despite having a great cast that included names like John Cusack, Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson and Clark Duke, the comedy managed to bank only $50 million domestically on a $36 million budget, opening at number three on its opening weekend behind the newly released How To Train Your Dragon and Alice in Wonderland in its fourth week. Numbers like that don't typically warrant sequels, yet we're having the discussion anyway, apparently.

The Hollywood Reporter has word that MGM is now putting together pieces to make a follow-up to Hot Tub Time Machine. While John Cusack is not involved with the project at this time, the three other main stars have all been in talks with the studio and there's a possibility that Corddry will be working on a script with Steve Pink, the director of the last film (who is also in talks to return). Apparently they've been secretly developing the movie over the last few months, but "sources caution that deal-making is in an early stage and could fail." The trade adds that should everything work out, however, the film could be fast-tracked by MGM.

I liked the first film well enough, but I'm not entirely sure where the story goes from where the last movie ended (with Corddry staying behind and becoming a millionaire by "inventing" Google - or Lougle). The last film was a send-up of 80s movies, so maybe the sequel could head to the 90s?

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