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Are we ready for the return of Charlie Sheen? Will we ever been? Ever since the Two and a Half Men star exploded early last year he's been pretty easy to avoid, and for those of us who got quickly sick of "tiger blood" and everything else, it was a relief. But early next year Sheen is making a comeback that will be difficult to ignore. Working with Roman Coppola-- yes, of those Coppolas-- and a cast of people you probably like a lot better, Charlie Sheen is starring in A Glimpse Inside The Mind Of Charles Swan III, and it looks far too interesting to ignore.

You can see it for yourself in the film's first trailer, which emerged online over the weekend. Even though Sheen is the title character of the film, he's such a small presence in this trailer that it's actually not hard to ignore him. Check it out!

This movie is obviously going in a LOT of different directions, from a Western parody that requires Bill Murray to dress up at John Wayne to some kind of fantastical (and slightly sexist?) organization called the Secret Society of Ball Busters. With movies that seem to take place inside a character's mind it can be hard to know what you're getting into, since a trailer can make it look visually appealing and fun, but the result can wind up being anything but. But you can't really argue with that cast, especially if Sheen is actually bothering to act this time; it might be his presence that makes me rankle a bit at the female leads (Aubrey Plaza and Mary Elizabeth Winstead) not even being mentioned at the end of the spot, but hopefully we can expect some good stuff from them as well.

Will a cast this strong be enough to support Sheen as he attempts to make us like him again? Can Coppola, who co-wrote Moonrise Kingdom and The Darjeeling Limited with Wes Anderson, impress with his second-ever feature? We'll find out in what's usually the dog days of winter when Charles Swan opens February 8.
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