There are plenty of reasons to look forward to about tonight's Golden Globes, from the adorable BFF duo of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosting to the rare chance to see a bunch of celebrities, dressed up and loosened up with champagne, hanging out in the same room. But if you keep an eye on the Globes for insight into their fancier and more prestigious cousins, the Oscars, there could be some interesting stuff to look for. No, the results of the Globes aren't necessarily going to clue us in to the Oscars-- they're voted on by completely different groups of people-- but when you've got television and celebrities in the same place, the results can be powerful.

Here are 5 things to keep an eye out for tonight-- and how they might affect the Oscars in six weeks. And if you need a reminder, click here for the full list of Golden Globe nominees.

1) Ben Affleck. His snub in Oscar's Best Director category is already becoming legendary, but he's nominated for the award tonight, and he won it at the Critics Choice Awards just a few days ago. He stands a decent shot at winning tonight too, and if he does, expect even more of a groundswell of support for his movie Argo-- which could easily give it more strength in a Best Picture race that's still far from settled.

2) Best Picture, Musical or Comedy. Unlike the Drama category, which has five totally legitimate contenders, the Musical or Comedy section is boiled down to two-- Les Miserables and Silver Linings Playbook. Both scored a ton of Oscar nominations and both are legitimate Best Picture threats, but Silver Linings is perceived to be moving up from the outside, with more nominations than expected and Harvey Weinstein behind it. If it wins this category, the "Silver Linings could upset Lincoln!" narrative is going to get all the stronger. Keep an eye on Harvey Weinstein if the Silver Linings crew comes up for his acceptance speech-- the bigger his grin, the more of a threat the movie has become.

3) Jessica Chastain and Jennifer Lawrence. Though they'll be competing against each other for the Best Actress Oscar, Chastain and Lawrence are split up into separate categories tonight-- and it's extremely likely that both will be giving acceptance speeches. Each actress is extremely charming and winning, but keep an eye on whose speech is "better" or more talked-about the day after. If the race between them for Best Actress is as close as it seems, the Academy's choice could basically boil down to which starlet they most want to see give a tearful speech on Oscar night. And in that category, the Globes speech is a crucial audition.

4) The wild Supporting Actor category. The Globes category varies a bit from Oscar's lineup, with Leonardo DiCaprio in competition here instead of the Academy's pick of Robert DeNiro. But the field is still wide open, and whoever wins tonight will have the chance to give a speech that gives him an edge over the rest of the fuel. It wouldn't surprise me if that winner winds up being DiCaprio-- the Globes do love their movie stars-- in which case the Oscar race becomes even more wily.

5) Best Original Song. Adele is totally going to win this for "Skyfall." But watching her speech will probably be awesome-- and will be an excellent reminder that we have her performance at the Oscars to look forward to as well.

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