Now that we have finally reached the back half of 2014, David Fincher's Gone Girl feels like it's coming up faster than ever. The movie is set to debut in theaters starting in early October (following the release model of The Social Network), and while we've already seen one teaser trailer, the marketing is only now getting ready to switch things into fully gear. 20th Century Fox will be unveiling a brand new trailer for the movie tomorrow, and today we have four fascinating new posters.

Released to "celebrate" the July 5th wedding anniversary of Nick and Amy (the characters played by Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike at the center of Gone Girl), each of the new one-sheets was released on a different site and features a different piece of evidence loaded into a plastic bag. To start, at the top of this article, from IndieWire, we have a red pair of women's panties, and below, from HitFix, is a dangerous looking box cutter:

Gone Girl Poster

Then there's the scorched diary page posted by Awards Daily:

Gone Girl Poster

And finally a burned wedding photo from The Huffington Post:

Gone Girl Poster

For those unfamiliar with Gone Girl, based on the novel by Gillian Flynn, the story begins on the fifth anniversary of Nick and Amy's marriage, but it’s a beginning marked with tragedy as Amy appears to have disappeared without a trace. Without a great alibi readily available, Nick quickly begins to look like the man responsible for the crime, and it doesn't take long for a media circus to build up around both him and the case. But just like it always is in thrillers such as this, things are not always as they seem, and before too long a dark, dangerous secret is revealed.

Those of you who have read the book probably recognize all of the elements photographed in the poster above, and also know how significant they are within the plot. They're worth discussing more at length and with a little bit of spoiler action, so head with me to page two and I'll break it all down!

If you haven't ready Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl and wish to go into David Fincher's film completely unspoiled, I would recommend heading somewhere else.

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