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Why is the great Dick Donner talking about Goonies 2? Doesn’t he understand the passion shared by the Goonies faithful, the nostalgic treasure hunters who have clung to the hope of a second adventure with Donner’s beloved oddballs the way One-Eyed Willie clung to his "rich stuff?" Donner shouldn’t casually toss around the confirmation of a sequel unless he has details, and they are missing from the above video.

Donner was approached by TMZ as he signed autographs. Seeing as how Donner helmed a handful of Lethal Weapon sequels, as well as two Superman movies (well, one and a half), he was asked to comment on the current crop of superhero franchises… and to reveal if he would be doing any other comic-book sequels. He replied:
"If you call Goonies a comic book. We’re doing a sequel."

This isn’t new. Goonies 2 talk has been around forever. It grew loudest back in 2009, when the cast reunited with Donner for an Empire Magazine shoot, and really started to elaborate on plans for a second movie. Though the possibilities seemed slim at that time, the story faded without ever dyin… wait, sorry. I forgot. Goonies never say die.

So what is Donner’s game here? Is he rehashing the story, hoping to flame interest once again in Goonies 2? Has he locked down his cast, with a workable script? The TMZ reporter asks him who will be coming back, and Donner says he hopes everyone returns.

The love shared between Donnner and his Goonies cast is evident every time they get together. And in the years since Goonies, Josh Brolin and Sean Astin have matured into credible leading and supporting character actors, Martha Plimpton helps carry a semi-successful sitcom in Raising Hope, and Corey Feldman has become a hot mess of uncomfortable nostalgia. He’d likely welcome any chance to embrace his past, and possibly receive a steady paycheck.

But Goonies 2, if it happens, needs to be much more than a "paycheck gig" for all involved. It has to have the same passion and sense of whimsical adventure that fueled the first movie. It has to unite the "Goonies" on a quest to save something valuable to the team. Did Donner unlock the secret to that storyline? Is he ready to get back behind the camera for the first time since l2006’s 16 Blocks? Or does this Royal "We" he mentions in the clip above include a young director who’ll receive the Goonies baton? Stay tuned, and enjoy some bubbly Cyndi Lauper!

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