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Is anyone actually ready to return to the Wall Street of the 80s? Remember, when Gordon Gekko said that greed was good, and even though he was supposed to be the villain, we all kind of bought it? A sequel to 1987's Wall Street has been rumored for ages, but now Fox is officially going ahead with Money Never Sleeps, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Allan Loeb, who has recently written 21 and Things We Lost in the Fire is apparently working on a "page one rewrite" of the script, which means, from what I can tell, that he's starting from scratch. And even though Michael Douglas has said that he hates how Gordon Gekko was turned into a hero rather than the villain he was intended to be, he's interested in reprising the role provided the script is good enough.

So the question is, is this the perfect time to do another Wall Street movie, or exactly the wrong one? Are we all fascinated with the inner workings of that industry that screwed us all over, or would we rather they all crawl away and die? I'm kind of feeling the latter, but maybe when it's been a few days since I last looked at my quickly dwindling life savings, I'll feel differently. What about you guys?

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