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Prepare for a lot of Arrested Development stories this summer as it looks like Jason Bateman is going to be talking to a lot of press this summer. Just a little while ago we posted the first trailer for Horrible Bosses, the film in which Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudekis decide to kill each others' bosses. Now it's time to watch Bateman switch bodies with Ryan Reynolds.

Yahoo! has released a new trailer for The Change Up. You may remember the film's red band trailer that came out a couple weeks ago, but this one is slightly more tame. In the movie, Bateman and Reynolds play best friends living completely different lives. The former is a father and husband, while the other is wild-and-crazy playboy. One night, while pissing in a fountain while drunk, the two men switch bodies and, as you can probably assume, hijinks ensue.

Check out the trailer below or in HD over on Yahoo!

Back when Reynolds was on Two Guys, A Girl, And A Pizza Place they did a Halloween episode where all of the friends were given brain transplants and took on one another's personalities. The highlight of the episode was Reynolds' impersonation of Traylor Howard, which was spot on and hilarious. It's for this reason and this reason only that I have faith that The Change-Up could be funny. Neither of the trailers released thus far have been particularly impressive, but that may only be because we haven't gotten to see what Reynolds' interpretation of Bateman is yet. Maybe that's being saved for the television spots.