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We’ve all been speculating for some time now on what Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern costume might look like and, whatever your best guess was, it was wrong. In fact, Green Lantern may not wear fabric at all. Instead, he could be clothed entirely in CGI.

Slashfilm says the costume Ryan Reynolds will wear is going to be completely computer generated. On set as they shoot the movie, he’s wearing a performance capture suit, which they’ll fill in later with whizbang computer graphics.

Though I’m usually first in line to decry Hollywood’s overuse of computer generated wizardry, if you think about it, this could actually be cool. We’ve seen guys running around in tights before, there’s an opportunity here to do something really different because of who and what Green Lantern is. The Lantern’s super power isn’t abnormal strength or speed or any of the usual stuff. His power is that his ring gives him the ability to create pretty much anything out of thin air. So if you’re a superhero who can create anything at any time, do you put on a pair of spandex pajamas underneath your Dockers or do you use your power to create anything to make the most kick-ass, super-suit ever imagined whenever you want, wherever you want it, in whatever shape or size suits the situation you’re in? I know what my answer is and if that’s what they’re doing, this makes a lot of very, very cool sense.

Slashfilm’s rumor seems to agree with this notion, pointing out that his powers are alien and an alien looking suit might make be in order. They say that when the suit is complete it will “look like a manifestation of his power”. If that's really the direction they're going, I’m in.

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