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Green Lantern Website Launches And Invites You To Read Its Privacy Policy

The first official website for Green Lantern has launched and if you go there you’ll discover a glowing orb thing which turns into the Green Lantern logo. There’s some pretty exciting smoke behind it and if you scroll down to the bottom of the page, beware of spoilers, because you’ll be able to click to separate pages where you can read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Pretty heady stuff actually. There’s a lot in the fine print for fans of frivolous lawsuits to get excited about.

For Green Lantern fans, though, there’s not much here. It’s merely a confirmation that, yes, the Green Lantern movie exists and we’ll be able to see something from it eventually. Maybe they’ll be ready to show us a trailer soon. Watch this space or just keep visiting Cinema Blend and we’ll let you know when there’s something more exciting out there for you. Or just go to our Green Lantern preview which contains actual content related to the movie.