Gremlins 3 Happening And In 3D

You can thank us later for clarifying this confusing Market Saw article, but we’ve finally gotten our finger on the pulse. There may be a brand new Gremlins film in the works and on its way to as many 3D compatible screens as it can get its furry mogwai hands on.

The rumor of an impending Gremlins 3 in 3D comes incredibly early on in the process, which means there’s no cast, no crew, no start date, and no release date anywhere in sight. All we know is that somewhere someone is writing it, it may or may not be Chris Columbus who penned the original, and that Joe Dante will probably not be back to direct.

In 2006, Dante said there would be a third installment to his series but that he more than likely wouldn’t be doing it since the studio “wouldn’t ask him.” Dante seemed convinced that the charm of his movies was in the puppetry and now in a world ruled by CGI his slimy green creations would be ruined. That’s not to say that a studio wouldn’t be willing to make a pile of cash without him, but purists would side with Dante.

There’s no denying that the 80’s was the horror/comedy hayday. Ghostbusters, The ‘Burbs, Monster Squad, hell even Fright Night all took a page out of the Abbott and Costello handbook and brought horror to a new and hilarious level. Now that Gremlins and Ghostbusters are both getting sequeled, it’s safe to say our safe haven of 80’s cinema is about to be fully pillaged for sequels and remake material.

Where do you guys weigh in? Are you excited to see some movies from your childhood getting sequels so late in the game? Or do you think the charm will be lost in the new technology?