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Guillermo Del Toro Is Willing To Use NBC's Constantine In Justice League Dark

Guillermo Del Toro can't stop, won't stop. The filmmaker's got Crimson Peak on the horizon, and he'll move onto a much smaller film next as a buffer before he tackles Pacific Rim 2. Del Toro's also the man in charge of the WB's Dark Universe, a stable of DC characters that could eventually show up in their own team-up film. While the director is too busy to consider any side projects, it seems as if he still has plenty of ideas.

Speaking to IGN, Guillermo Del Toro reveals that he'd be willing to let the television incarnations of certain characters (specifically John Constantine) join the other characters on the big screen. When asked about The Spectre, he said he'd love to have him on board, and is open to having television's John Constantine in the film:

"What I made clear to them is that the TV series will not affect the movie and they said that’s okay. They said you can have independence. Now, if we see the TV series and we can mesh with it or cast the same actor depending on where the movie is going, I would be happy to consider that."

By the by, if you're only a hardcore Marvel head, Constantine and The Spectre are actually cool characters that would translate really well to film. Constantine has already had his shot, both with the Keanu Reeves movie of the same name (which actually bore little resemblance to the source material) and now an NBC show. Marvel already cross-pollinates between their movies and shows: Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. famously used the second half of last season to respond to the twists and turns of Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Of course, DC properties have always had a very hearty life on television in both animated and live-action forms. This is an unusual year, however, as three major DC properties are making it to primetime. The CW is pairing Arrow with the promising-looking The Flash and Fox is pouring a lot of money into the Batman-less Gotham. Of course, neither of those shows have yet showed the potential to cross-pollinate into the movie world. The CW did perfectly fine running Smallville on the air for ten seasons, even as the totally-unrelated Superman Returns hit theaters. DC's doing well enough with their at-home properties, but maybe this could be a part of their plan.

Whatever the case, Constantine (and The Spectre) are like the rest of the Dark Universe characters in that they really don't cross paths with the likes of Superman and Batman often. The roster currently would include the aforementioned heroes, plus Deadman, Shade, Xanadu, Zatanna and maybe even Swamp Thing. If DC opts to go with this movie idea (they need SOMETHING to fill those release dates) the TV presence of characters like Constantine does make a difference.