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Amidst the chaos that has formed from the Sony hacking scandal some interesting information has been leaked that sheds light on the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot, Ghostbusters 3. One specific hacked e-mail dropped big names that reportedly want in on the movie including Emma Stone, Melissa McCarthy, Amy Schumer, Lizzy Caplan and Jennifer Lawrence.

According to The Daily Beast, Ivan Reitman and studio head Amy Pascal discussed the five women above, claiming all had agreed to be in the film. In addition, they discussed wanting to create a new environment where the movie could exist on his own but yet connect to the original enough where it would make sense as a reboot. Please the old generation and attract the new.

If that e-mail holds truth, that is an all-star cast for the reboot. And if it’s the five of them as the new female pack of Ghostbusters, it’ll be a pretty hilarious ride.

We know so far that the new film will be directed by Paul Feig, who we’ve seen create some incredible female driven comedies including Bridesmaids. And though there has not been an official release of the cast, Feig said in a past interview with Entertainment Weekly that his favorite thing to do is work with funny women, and all he wants is a powerful cast that can do justice to the Ghostbuster team. After Bill Murray suggested his idea of an all-female cast, including Emma Stone and Melissa McCarthy who the e-mail mention, Feig allegedly responded that his only real concern was figuring out which women to invite. After all, there are a ton of funny ladies who could bring different things to the role.

And the five women mentioned in the hacked e-mail are just that. Feig has worked with Melissa McCarthy on Bridesmaids and The Heat and Caplan had a short run on Freaks and Geeks, so Schumer, Stone, and Lawrence are all new to a Feig film, but definitely worthy. If Feig combines the smart and witty comedy of Bridesmaids with the goofy and happy comedy of a Ghostbusters film, packed in with five strong female leads, and this could just be the best laugh we’ve gotten in a while. Hopefully in response to this Sony leak, some more definitive information on the movie will come, including a release date.