Hardcore Henry Just Made The Best Anti-Texting PSA We've Seen In A While, Watch It Here

It’s not easy to take a PSA seriously, but when a drug-fueled man beats the snot out of a guy for texting, then you really start to pay attention. There are rules when you watch a movie and Alamo Drafthouse doesn’t want you to forget it. Check out this amazing NSFW anti-texting PSA from Alamo Drafthouse and Hardcore Henry, and learn the merits of cinema etiquette.

Don’t you wish you could do that to the rude guy in your theater? Not only is does this PSA entertaining, but it really sells Hardcore Henry. For the uninitiated, Hardcore Henry is a new action movie filmed entirely from the protagonist’s first person perspective (it’s like a Call of Duty game that you watch instead of play). While most of the trailers have focused on the action and crazy stunts, this reveals that the movie could be really funny too. From the drug powered Jimmy and his nagging girlfriend, to the guy who throws a glass bottle at Henry for no apparent reason, the movie could be super entertaining. The only downside is that the constant shaking of the camera could make a few weak stomachs queasy. It was steady in this video, but it’s not like anyone was jumping out of a helicopter. Hopefully, its humor can distract from the constant motion on the screen.

Even though this PSA is primarily targeted for being respectful in a movie theater, it could also work for a number of issues. For example, it shows that you shouldn’t do drugs in a theater, that getting into a fight is just as disruptive as texting , be kind to the staff and always mind your cookies, lest they be taken to smash someone’s face. Honestly, I would probably break the rules at least once if it meant I got a cookie. I know it was probably painful, but I would love to get my face smashed with a fresh oven baked cookie; it sounds delicious.

I think my favorite part of the video is that Jimmy (Sharlto Copley, reprising his role from the film) walks around with a baggie of cocaine and nobody seems to worry about it (but maybe that’s the next PSA).

This isn't the only texting PSA from the Alamo Drafthouse. The Texas movie theater has made quite a few that feature stars like Ethan Hawke, James Franco and Kyle Chandler.

Hardcore Henry opens in theaters April 8th. If you plan on seeing it, just remember what happens to those who text.

Matt Wood

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