As fast as someone can come up with a rumor, there’s always someone out there ready and willing to make a living publishing a counter-rumor. In fact that’s pretty much all the site Gossip Cop does. In this case they’re counter-rumoring the story which surfaced earlier today in which it was claimed director Catherine Hardwicke is being brought in to reshoot director David Slade’s third Twilight movie, Eclipse. Gossip Cop says that’s only sort of right and also sort of wrong.

According to their sources Twilight: Eclipse is being reshot but neither Catherine Hardwicke nor Twilight: New Moon director Chris Weitz will have anything to do with it. They’ve spoken to Summit representatives who insist that everything’s peach keen between David Slade and Summit and that he’s going to handle the reshoots himself because Summit is so “happy” with his work on the film that they want him to redo parts of it. That doesn’t make sense and it sounds a lot like PR spin which is only slightly more reliable than the random, anonymous sources circulating in the original rumor.

But it also never made much sense that they’d bring in Hardwicke after the rather public falling out she had with the Summit Entertainment. I’m just speculating wildly here, but to me it seems most likely that Summit isn’t happy at with at least part of Slade’s work, but they’re giving him a chance to fix it with reshoots. Bringing in another director seems far too drastic, especially when the reshoots in question are supposed to take less than a week.

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