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The build up to The Force Awakens is almost as much fun for fans as the experience of seeing the movie will likely be. The trailers that have been released have caused fans to pretty much lose their minds with joy. Not only is it a new Star Wars film, but it’s one that includes all the original characters that caused us all to fall in love with the franchise to begin with. While this has become a really big deal for fans, it apparently was not so for Harrison Ford. For him, it was just work.

We’ve heard how some of the moments of filming Star Wars: The Force Awakens were an incredibly big deal on the set. People stood in awe when Ford and Peter Mayhew, as Chewbacca, stood on board the Millennium Falcon. Kathleen Kennedy says that when Ford first walked into the set the crew became almost reverently silent. Ford tells Entertainment Weekly that while he didn’t mind it, the experience just didn’t affect him the same way.
It could have felt silly, but it didn’t. I’m not terribly nostalgic. I’m very practical about what I do, and how I do it… another day at the office."

It’s actually a little surprising if it didn’t feel a little silly. The more pragmatic Harrison Ford is, the more one might think that he would feel a little odd at being treated that way. Most of us would probably feel some degree of nostalgia if we came back to something we used to do three decades later. Not Ford, apparently. For him, acting is his job.

It’s a decidedly unromantic response considering how much the words "Chewie, we’re home" impacted fans when they were heard in the film’s trailer. At the same time we probably shouldn’t read too much into them. We can certainly make an assumption that Ford enjoys doing the job. He was under no obligation to reprise his role, especially if he he didn’t feel any sort of nostalgia for the part the way that fans do. It’s also clear that Ford does appreciate the response that all of it gets from the fans. He admits to being moved when 6,000 people welcomed him to San Diego Comic-Con this year. He may not get it but he does appreciate it.
As long as Harrison Ford is at least enjoying himself, and we get to see Han Solo again, we’ll call it good. He’s part of what made the original trilogy special for millions, whether he realizes it or not.