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Warner Brothers has a bigger pile of money than ever and it’s all thanks to Harry Potter which, according to their bean counters, is now officially the biggest earning movie franchise ever. It’s also one of the longest running which sort of gives it a leg up on franchises like Spider-Man or Lord of the Rings for instance.

The really surprising thing is that they’ve managed to surpass all ten Star Trek films, all 22 Bond films, and all six Star Wars movies. Beating Trek and Bond is one thing, but Star Wars too? I find that awfully hard to swallow. After all, Harry has only had five movies to prove his mettle and weren’t all six Star Wars movies box office champs? I wonder if they’re including the re-releases of the original trilogy. Even if they are, they’re definitely not adjusting for inflation. Maybe Harry has earned more, but more people have definitely seen R2D2.

I guess what I’m saying here is congratulations to Harry Potter for capturing a mostly meaningless record. Well done. You have an excellent marketing department. We’re very proud of your ability to sell tickets, I guess. Now fly on out of here kid and start making better movies. See if you can conjure up that Cuaron fellow again.